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    Pardisan Engineering Co. was founded in 1994 as engineering company in design and production of industrial automation, signal processing, monitoring, and control systems.Pardisan mission is to be an innovator in development and manufacturing of high-quality and high-performance hardware, software, and customer-centric design services.

    With over 20 years experience in product, development and system integration, we have applied our experience over many projects of product, ranging from PC-base systems, measuring equipments, diagnostic & test software, switching power supplies, signal conditioning boards, transducers, recorders, data loggers, monitoring & control systems, industrial automation, protocol converters, substation automation software and protection equipments for power substation.

    Beside R&D department, our engineering services department has executed many projects of producing, renewing and reengineering electronics equipments and boards in oil, gas, petrochemical, electrical & textile industries.

    Pardisan has implemented many research projects for industries in electric & steel fields successfully and has acquired “Research License” from “Isfahan Science & Technology Town” and “Isfahan Industry & Mine Organization”.

    Quality Management System (QMS) in compliance with requirements of standard ISO 9001:2014 is established and operated in Pardisan since 2008.

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